21 Random Facts About Me

So a few days ago, I had written this post and I was about to put up the post when I discovered my blog had been hacked…Yes! Hacked😲😲😲…I was as shocked as you were when I saw,boldy written on my blog,”Hacked by Mr Zaad”…A big thanks to my friend @ludassocial for coming to my rescue. That is a story from another day.

I am currently experiencing what is called blogger’s block or writer’s block. Basically, I am short on content.
In honor of my recently celebrated 21st birthday, I have compiled a list of 21 random facts about me. Enjoy

1. I was born on June 2nd 199….(Figureet)..
2. I am the third child of 4children. Yes I have a cute brother and 2 beautiful and lovely sisters.
3. We live in Akure, Ondo state..(Sorry to burst your bubble, you thought I came from lagos right?..Nai, I still don’t understand why people assume I came from lagos tho)
4. I love make up, it gives me life and it makes me happy.(I am a Make up artist…less I forget Professional make up artist, I will write or do(not sure) my final exam nextweek…be happy for me) and yea I learnt from the best, search @tazabeauty on instagram..She is my boss and I am a proud student.😋
5. If I was not studying pharmacy, I’d probably be studying theatre arts..OMG(I love that course, I sometimes act in my head and yes! I am such a drama queen)😎
6.I love chocolate cake(You want to be in my good book, buy me a tray of chocolate cake).🤗
7. I laugh alot.
8. I can be very indecisive, I think it has something to do with being a GEMINI.
9. A few years back, I couldn’t pronounce words that start with CH properly. I prounounced ‘CHECK’ as ‘SHECK’ (Sounds more like a testimony right?…Praise da lord…Halleluuuuuuuyaaahhhhhh!) Yas!
10. I have gone clubbing only once and I don’t think I ever will simply because I cannot even imagine a random stranger trying to grind me in the name of “Why did you come to club then”.
11.Sucess to me is living the life I’d always wanted to live and having no money issues.
12. Buying new clothes and makeup make me genuinely happyyyyyyy
13.I cannot dance…I recently danced in pictures sha.(will I dance on my wedding day? oh yes! I will…the spirit of dancing will just fall on me…I hope🤗)
14. I still wonder why in indian movies, ‘my sweetie’ is prounounced as my ‘my sweetu’.(Like why)
15. When I was in SS1 my Physics teacher slapped me because I was talking in class and that almost changed my life because I was this👌 close to being deaf…but as usual..God saved me.(God been saving me since tipetipe)
16. I have a feeling that I will stand in front of a large audience one day to tell my story…And weirdly, I have started practicing in front of a mirror.
17. My favorite book of the bible is the BOOKS OF PROVERBS(So many wisdom nuggets)
18. My favorite bible verse -Proverbs 3:5, 6 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.
19. I really really love to sing oooooo, but whenever I try to showcase my talent, people will advice me to stick to blogging and make up(I still don’t know why, abi do you why?)
20. I can google anything…anything(You know what they say ‘Google is your friend’…I think It has something to do with that.
21.I love ophrah winfrey.
Let me put jara
22. I don’t think I can do without my phone for a day…Taaaah!

Thanks for reading.
So I recently created an instagram account for my make up business, @glambythemie(I just didn’t know what mame too use)…I had three options
-Glam By Themie
-BeautyxposebyThemie(It was way too long)
-All Themie makeup
Long and short, I sha settled for Glambythemie…Pls follow me on instagram @glambythemie I will follow right back. Thanks😍😍…It’s time we started slaying faces.😎😎😎

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