A Letter To My Younger self

Dear Sweet Themie,
In this picture, you just turned 15, a secondary school certificate holder. Full of life and it feels like you have arrived. Young and innocent even. Now in your early 20s’, wishing you could go back in time to whisper this words to you.

It’s not going to be a jolly ride, Jamb will jamb you back to back. You will face challenges, don’t be afraid to face them head on. Life will serve you lemons, do not hesitate to make lemonade out of it. Your body might change, you will get fatter. Learn to accept and love yourself anyways. Never be afraid of who you are, your flaws and all. Learn to be yourself Stupid. Everyone thinks they have an opinion of how your life should be or how to live your life, but live life on your own terms baby. You are valid dear, do not wait on anyone to validate you.

I know you feel as though mummy and brother Tolu are being too protective, you say to yourself,”Someone cannot do extra cool in peace in this house”. They monitor your every move, read your messages and mum seizes your phone when you get caught making late night calls.You think they hate you? No boo, they love you and want the best for you. They do not want those hungry boys to mess with their little innocent girl. That boy on the phone is giving you nothing but lies, he has nothing to offer you and you will probably get lied to more times in future. Be more concious of the men you choose. Never fall in love with handsome, rich, and funny…I know that is what tickles your fancy, but all this baby, will get you into some deep shit. Rather, fall in love with a man of substance and value.

You will fall in love, you will love deeply and blindly. You will get your heart broken a couple of times. Baby, learn from it and move on. Trust your intuition. Never sell yourself short, You are beautiful, you are smart, you deserve love, you deserve a good man…do not let anyone tell you different. Be purposeful and confident.

Get closer to God, that is the ticket to maximizing your potentials in life. Wherever you go, do not say yes when you mean to say no. Be not afraid to speak up. Be not afraid to live life. You are powerful. Take up some space in the world. Practice forgiveness. And always remember, you have what it takes to be what God wants you to be. Life will continue to serve you lemons,but you my baby, you are a survivor and you will always survive. You are big, bold and brave and that’s perfectly fine.
I can’t wait to see you go places.

From your Older self,
Much Love

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