We Got Intimate At The Gulder Ultimate Search In 2014

Beautiful people meet Mr Eze Prince Justice and Mrs Eze Sheila Onome. Sheila’s Story How we met…. We met at the Oyo state Agn(Actors Guild of Nigeria) Acting Workshop June 2014. We got intimate that same year at GULDER ULTIMATE SEARCH 2014 in Benin Edo state. How we started dating… We went together for the Guider ultimate search 2014 Audition, a 3 day Screening.I met him there in Benin and we stayed in his friends house during the screening process, during this period we got intimate and got to know ourselves better, and when we travelled back to Ibadan for a movie shoot, he popped the question and I agreed to dating him. I already fell for him too. (August 9th) My husband…. Is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, he is a good listener, he is caring, he is determined and hardworking, he loves everything about […]

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