What Does It Really Mean To Be A LifestyleBlogger?- Tega Enai

Hello beautiful People! How was your day? Mine was quite stressful.🙄🙄 So guys, today I will be introducung a new series on the blog called THE BLOGGER. The blogger is an interview series where I interview notable Nigerian bloggers.They will be sharing with us their highs, lows and unique perspectives on the industry.You can look forward to it every wednesday. Tega Enai is a lifestyle and plus size fashion blogger. A wonderful friend of mine told me to check Tega Enai’s blog, she told me she is a also a plus size blogger. So I did, the first impression was her blog design, it was mind blowing. I find her blog posts incredible and hilarious😂😂😂😂. Tega Enai is all shades of humble, she is beautiful, nice and friendly. She started her blog 2012 and lives in Dubai. 1. Why did you start blogging and what has it transformed into? I […]

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