Fleeky Eyebrows 101

Hello beautiful people,
This is more like an alternative to practical. Before you can draw your eyebrows perfectly, you need to know the basics and that is what this post is about. Ok, There are brows and there are brows chai!, is it the Nike signature style or the straight line style or the two worlds apart style and the connection style(My eyes have seen)…like it has gotten worse, you will see some brows and you be like..???. This is not to criticize anyone ooo, I have also drawn some very very terrible eyebrows in the past. Better not to draw eyebrows than to draw struggling eyebrows.(Nne, your eyebrows has to be on fleeeekkkk, una don hear pepper dem gang??)

Eyebrows can take your look from 0 to 100, like it is one of the most important part of make up, that is why you need to get it right,like right.You have no option than to get it right. The first step to a perfect eyebrow is to have it groomed or shaped. If you cannot shape it yourself, puhleez employ the services of a professional, don’t goan meet quack oo if you don’t want your eyebrows completely shaved off just like mine was completely shaved off sometimes ago in dugbe????

Below is a step by step pictorial representation(drawn by me…flips hair)?? of how to draw your brows

Eyebrow Hack

eyebrow hack

To get your eyebrows perfectly drawn, create the inner arch, once you create the inner arch rest is history. Then another thing you need to note is that, the inner arch and the outer arch are not on the same level. Notice that the outer arch(from the arrow), was an inch after the inner arch.That is how your eyebrows should be. Once you get that hack babe, you are on your way to perfection…Sneak peek on my next post…A short video on how to draw your eyebrows and a detailed explanation of all the things you need.

how to get perfect brows

I hope you learnt from this tutorial. Follow me on snapchat @themieblogger for a recap of the 6 must have make up brushes and also for a live eyebrow tutorial.


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