Fleeky Eyebrow tutorial + I made my first youtube video

Hello from the other side….
Few days ago, I told myself that I will start my youtube channel when I have a good camera, a ringlight and other things needed for a standard youtube video. Then, it occurred to me that there is no better time to start than now, with what I have. I am really proud of myself for taking this huge step and I am also grateful to God for making this a reality(Who made it possible..only God made it possible???) So last week I posted an alternative to practical on how to draw fleeky eyebrows, this week is a video(on youtube)…more like the practical????…

Run the spoolie brush(mascara wand) through your neatly shaped brows

Using the eyebrow definer or eyebrow pencil, outline your the shape of your eyebrows starting from the arch.
TIP: Focus on the Arch and the Tail

StTEP 3: Crucial step
Brush and blend to soften obvious lines or harsh lines.

Using an angle brush, highlight your eyebrows with a concealer. The concealer highlights your eyebrows and also cleans out excess product. It’s your eyebrow…shape shape shape untill you get the desired shape.

What I used
Sephora blending brush
Zaron eyebrow definer
L.A girl Pro in Chestnut
L.A girl Pro in Fawn

I hope you liked this video. Pls Like, comment and subscribe to my channel. And pls feedbacks are highly welcomed, I will love to know what you feel about this video…Tanchiu
Do have a splendid weekend
Stay Lit

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