Here Is Why You Are Not Getting Your Eyebrows Right

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I have been very busy with school and life in general. I deeply apologize for this disappearing acts. I don’t know who sent me pharmacy ooo, I’d probably be studying theatre arts if I wasn’t studying pharmacy.But the deed is done, me and pharmacy will study ourselves till the very end. I have not made any video in a while, I also apologize for that. My phone has been acting up. I am trusting God for a good camera and other much needed equipments. I believe he’s gonna provide me with all that pretty soon. Lola OJ did not write this post, I used her picture because of my love for her and her youtube videos especially the “Lets Turn Up” at the end of the video.She cracks me up everytime. She inspires me alotttttt..That been said, let’s jog right into it.

1.You are using a foundation: I once used a foundation as a concealer, I can tell there is a huge difference between a foundation and a concealer. A foundation cannot double as a concealer and vice versa. Concealers are expensive, yes! But, if you want your eye brows to fleek, consider investing in a concealer. I think L.A girl pro is about #1700. So quit using a foundation and get a concealer. A good concealer is the secret behind flawless brows. Using a concealer that matches your skin tone gives the entire area a professional, lifted look. It gives you that eyebrow popping effect.

2. Your eyebrows are not properly shaped:I cannot begin to emphasize the importance of having your eyebrows properly shaped. Employ the services of a professional.Don’t go and meet quack ooo. That was how I went to dugbe, saw this aunty, asked her if she can shape eyebrows very well. The way she replied should have given me a cue, but noo oo..I dinor hear…That was how Aunty shaved all the hair on my brows.😣😣😣

3. You are using the wrong brush:
I know some of us use cotton bud as an angle brush. Stopeeet. Invest in brushes. You don’t have to buy a brush set. They sell make up brushes singly. Not that #500, 6 in 1 pack ooo.

4. You are not blending your brows: Countless times, I have seen eyebrows with visible lines from the pencil. It is very important that you blend your brows. Use a spoolie brush to diffuse it up into your brows. Blend! Blend! Blend! until those lines appear invisble. We really don’t want to see those lines, thank you.

5. You are not watching videos:
Apart from using the right tools, it’s pertinent to master the art of makeup. I watch youtube makeup videos alot. It is important to continue learning. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.
Here is my video on- HOW TO DRAW YOYR EYEBROWS.

Then Lola OJs’
Highly recommended

Make up hack: If you can’t afford a setting powder, you can improvise by using a translucent powder. Ponds oil control is a very good setting powder. Setting powder gives your brows the life it needs. It gives you that blended, flawless and subtle finish…

I hope with this few points of mine I have been have been able to confuse abi convince…I lost

Anyways thanks much for reading.
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