“I am fine, thank you”, I replied

After messaging back and forth for 2hours, it was clear he wanted to know me better which made me warm up to him even more.

Them the bombshell
kpa! Kpa! kparakpakpa! boom!
Are you a virgin?

I said lemme calm down, it’s not everytime someone will be acting like Magaret Tasha. As a cool calm lady…I said,”I am sorry, I don’t discuss my personal life with random strangers”

I thought that would be enough cue for him, but no baby…I was wrong. I expected him to vex small that I called him a random stranger…but nooo..Unku dinor back off

Then he released the second bombshell similar to that of world war 3.

“I wonder what your lips taste like”

I took a deep breath and said,”Mr, I really do not appreciate this type of coversation”, I expected him to apologize but instead he said,”You have to loosen up, you are too rigid”
So refusal to sex text comes across as being rigid?

I still don’t understand why some guys think that getting super sexual is a good move. C’mon, I know that as a man you are interested in me physically as much as anything else. But throwing it in my face like that is a total turn off. I don’t find that type or any type of flirty comment funny.

If we haven’t shook hands yet, we should probably keep lip tasting quest to ourselves. Don’t you think?
That kind of talk would have been welcomed if we were dating? Abi
But if we are not anywhere close to that, that type of conversation comes across as being a pervert.

And that was the last time I picked his call or replied his messages.

What are your relationship deal breakers?

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