Relationship Deal Breakers 2: The ‘Come And Cook For Me’

I have had a bit of an issue logging onto the dashboard of my blog for the past 1 week, Major thanks to @ for resolving the problem. I am so sorry for the hiatus.

“So, What are your hobbies?”

“I love cooking, reading, sleeping, eating and watching movies”

“uhmm, that’s great!”
And he goes…”So, when will you cook for me?”
Am like, onnnkayyy

Lolzz…I replied
There was no reason to raise an eye since I mentioned that I loved cooking.
I was hoping it would stop there, but nooo I was wrong. The request becomes persistent and that’s the when it gets irritating and borderline offensive.

Guys of nowadays sef! you people cannot be hopelessly romantic for asking someone to cook for you upandan🙄🙄🙄. No “babe, lets go and grab something to eat” know eat some major meals and you wee be asking someone to cook for you juslaidat😩..Well am not saying you taking me out is proportional to me cooking for you..I just feel cooking is a lot like sex, it’s very intimate and it shouldn’t be done with just anyone…That is, If you have not proved yourself WORTHY to have a taste of some of my delicacies😝😝😝, you should never ask me TO COOK FOR YOU..PERIOD!

If your reading this or have read this, I just want you to know that God loves you and he is currently turning your situation around. HOLD ON

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