6 Must Have Make up Brushes

Your everyday makeup is incomplete without make up brushes. This guide will show you the brushes you really need for your beauty routine. I wish I had a guide like this before buying my brush set, ladies tend to buy the 24 or 32 brush set like its the main deal, trust me girl, half of this brush set are practically useless. Which is why I put together a list of must have make up brushes to put your best face forward. Lucky you, these brushes are sold singly I.e you can buy them without having the buy the whole brush set. Don’t forget to follow me on Snapchat @themieblogger for SNAPCHAT SUNDAY for a recap and live tutorial of these brushes and how to use them. 1. The Angle brush Babes, an angle brush is one of your best friends. It is used for highlighting the eyebrow. It is […]

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