We Got Intimate At The Gulder Ultimate Search In 2014

Beautiful people meet Mr Eze Prince Justice and Mrs Eze Sheila Onome.

Sheila’s Story
How we met….
We met at the Oyo state Agn(Actors Guild of Nigeria) Acting Workshop June 2014. We got intimate that same year at GULDER ULTIMATE SEARCH 2014 in Benin Edo state.

How we started dating…
We went together for the Guider ultimate search 2014 Audition, a 3 day Screening.I met him there in Benin and we stayed in his friends house during the screening process, during this period we got intimate and got to know ourselves better, and when we travelled back to Ibadan for a movie shoot, he popped the question and I agreed to dating him. I already fell for him too. (August 9th)

My husband….
Is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, he is a good listener, he is caring, he is determined and hardworking, he loves everything about me even my flaws.. He is my greatest supporter, any good project I decide to embark he is always there for me. And so I am to him too. Words alone can’t express how much I can say about my partner. He is my perfect match.

The proposal
It happened in our second edition of My Culture My Pride (Save A Soul) event Dec 6th 2015 in Warri Delta State (an event we host yearly there) . I called out the winners of the essay competition that was carried out before the grand finale. When the kids came up stage, I didn’t know my hubby already planned with the MC and my younger sister to propose to me that day, sincerely I never expected it, all I thought while he knelt down asking was, is this REAL.? DID HE MEAN IT? IS THIS HAPPENING? until my mum said assist him to get up and then I realized its real. I said yes and hugged him in tears.the crowd was shocked and Happy lol

How I knew he was the one…
He is the only one of his kind I have ever seen. He possess what I have always desired of a Man, which is UNDERSTANDING i said to myself that if a man can be this understanding. Then marriage would be much easier to handle. From then I saw him as my life partner and it has worked for me and us since then.

Three things I love about my patrner..
He is God fearing, Understanding and caring

Values that are important to us as a couple…
Good communication, Honesty, faithfulness.

Prince Justice’s Story
Our first date…
We were still in Benin just after the Gulder Ultimate Search Screening, we had to do a little tour round Benin being the first time and there and we last visited Kadah mall and we played some games like electronic basket ball, took some pictures and finally saw a movie at evening titled “Half Of a Yellow Sun” oh what a wonderful evening to behold 😀😍

My wife…
Is so hospitable and accommodating. She posed to be someone who is READY and WILLING to learn not minding the situation or how hard or tough the environment is she adapts and takes it to her advantage. Take for example where we had the AGN workshop, an isolated Library very far away outskirt of Ibadan without civilization, electricity with all kinds of animals and insects around that bit and made our skins like a camouflage (army uniform) as a lady from the city and civilization I thought she would complain yet she just took it as fun and I was amazed. I made a conclusion that this is a lady who’s adventurous, loves to travel, explorer, makes friends easily, surfer and yet gorgeous. Just like I am 😀😊😍

How I knew she was the one…
It’s DIVINE. Our spirit works together, and when both partners are in line spiritually, fears God and have the fruit of the spirit the physical is just minor. Allow me to be a little spiritual. Aside the fact that she’s the best thing that has ever happened to me, she completes and fulfils me.

Three things I love about my partner?
She Loves God. She is Prudent and Hospitable.

Name three memorable experiences you’ve been through together as a couple?
Our Stay in Ghana, at the beach and planning our MCMP (My culture My pride) event

Advice to singles?
If you can’t find love, create it, mould it to how you want it. We all have that one friend who connects better, start by wetting (sincerity, realistic, cultivate) all these make you best friends. It is preferable to find a best friend than just just a worst wife.

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