What Does It Really Mean To Be A LifestyleBlogger?- Tega Enai

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So guys, today I will be introducung a new series on the blog called THE BLOGGER.
The blogger is an interview series where I interview notable Nigerian bloggers.They will be sharing with us their highs, lows and unique perspectives on the industry.You can look forward to it every wednesday.

Tega Enai is a lifestyle and plus size fashion blogger.

A wonderful friend of mine told me to check Tega Enai’s blog, she told me she is a also a plus size blogger. So I did, the first impression was her blog design, it was mind blowing. I find her blog posts incredible and hilarious😂😂😂😂. Tega Enai is all shades of humble, she is beautiful, nice and friendly. She started her blog 2012 and lives in Dubai.

1. Why did you start blogging and what has it transformed into?

I love fashion, I love to write even though I am a terrible writer and I’ve been one to show my friends and family all I have written. I thought blogging will be a better medium to show the world what I have to offer. Blogging has broaden my knowledge in so many areas, I have met amazing people and I can say I’m a better writer. 

2. What are your experiences as a plus size fashion blogger? Do you think it’s limiting in any way?(Brand deals)

Confidence is key as a plus size blogger. You have to love and embrace your body and most importantly dress to your body shape. I don’t think it’s limiting brand deals because the world today is beginning to embrace ‘big girls’. Brands are being strategic in their digital marketing so they have to follow the trend. 

3. When and what was the turning point for your blog?

Towards the end of last year. I realized how many bloggers come to me for one blogging relating help to the other. It was over whelming and I knew I had to upgrade my blog, make it interesting and rich in content. 

4. What does it really mean to be a lifestyle blogger?

A lifestyle blogger basically blogs about everything. It’s not a niched kind of blog. As a lifestyle blogger you blog about your life and your personal interests. 

5. What is it like to be a part-time blogger? Would you consider been a full time blogger? If  your answer is YES, why? If NO, why?

Part time blogging is stressful! Blogging is a whole lot of work contrary to what people think. I would consider being a full time blogger because the key to being a successful blogger is consistency. It’s hard to be consistent when you are working or schooling. 

6. How has it been coping with work and school? 

Honestly it’s not been easy but when you love what you do, you make out time for it. 

7. Please tell us some of the experiences you’ve had with brands?

It’s all been good experiences. You just have to keep your part of the deal to avoid any disagreement. 

8.What are the main challenges for you at the the moment?

Consistency. Sometimes in blogging you lose the ‘mojo’ and you go on a small break. Not advisable because you start to loose your viewership. 

Also, finding a topic to write about could be difficult sometimes. But with a little research, you would find a good topic. 

9. Please tell us five brands you have worked with?

Irresistible me extensions 



Jeulia Jewelries 



10. What is the best thing about blogging in your opinion? What has blogging transformed you into?

Solving problems and inspiring people. I love the fact that my post helps people solve problems and inspire them. I read my comments and I get so excited. Seeing people inspired inspires me to write better contents. 

11. Your advice to upcoming bloggers?

1.You have to be consistent  Don’t expect to start making money immediately
2.Promote, promote and keep on promoting your blog posts because people wouldn’t miraculously
3.Find your blog  Network with other bloggers visit their blogs and leave a link to your blog below your comment. 4.Use WordPress and check out my blog for more blogging tips 😬😬😬😬

12.. What is your stance on body positivity?

If you don’t love yourself nobody will love you. 

You have to love you for who you are, love your personality – it helps build your self esteem and confidence. Know your worth and never let any one tell you otherwise. There’s nothing more beautiful than a confident woman. 

See what Tega Enai is up to via her blog www.tegaenai.com and on instagram @Tegaenai and make sure you catch up on the rest of the series. you don’t wanna miss any.



  1. Yas! This is such an enjoyable post. I worked with Tega earlier this year and I could tell that she is such a pleasant young woman. Also, I agree with her definition of being a lifestyle blogger: you have to blog about all things that you have an interest in.

    Oréoluwa’s blog

    1. Oreoluwa, awwwn thanks much for stopping by. I totally agree with you, I have not met Tega before but I could tell she is such a pleasant person. I look forward to collaborating with her. Thanks😚

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