What is your break up story?

Hello guys…Guess what?…Boo Bae is backkkkk!….I received alot messages, asking why I stopped the Boo bae series and telling me how you enjoyed reading it the most. Well its back!.. For goodddd but this time it won’t be only love stories.It will be Love stories and break up stories. Isn’t life good and bad? So I am starting a new series on the blog along side THE BOO BAE SERIES named ‘WHAT IS YOUR BREAK UP STORY’😣😣…I would be bring to your read break up stories, how they moved on and the lessons they learnt. However,it’s going to be anonymous. Throughout the stories, names of individuals involved will be changed. you are reading our very first…Enjoy!

I was fresh out of a relationship with a loving, funny and busy young man. I tried to redeem the relationship, but it seemed like he was tired of it and so, we ended it as amicably and peacefully as possible.

Then….I met Tola, he was friendly, funny, and quite outspoken. He was a good listener…From that meeting, we talked everyday, chatted more, became really close, knew secrets about each other and things went on pretty good. He was everthing my ex wasn’t…and so it happened!…I fell in love…I was absolutely drunk in love and had never been more physically attracted to somone, never been more thrilled with my life. I told my friends that he was it for me. I would have followed him to the ends of the earth. He was everything I ever wanted. He made me feel really special. He started acting like a boyfriend and I started acting like a girlfiend. He was able spark a meaningful conversation, grabbed my attention and made me laugh.

We had sex. It was my first. It went on for sometime, after then things went downhill. He started ignoring me, didn’t pick my calls, stopped replying my mesages and he suddenly became MR BUSY. I then dawned on me that we he did not ask me out officially and so I became curious about what I was to him. And so I asked him, what our relationship was? where the relationship was heading or if we were just bed mates? and he answered…

“I cherish what we had, but you can’t date me, I have a terrible past, girls hover around me…”

“I also have a past, I love you regardless and I really don’t care if girls hover around you, all I care about is that I love you”
And when it seemed like I wasn’t going to take NO for an answer…..

The bombshell😲😲😲
Ife, I have a girlfriend…
Those five words seemed like I was shot right in the head cause I totally blacked out, I was literally shaking and those words kept echoing in my head. Then, it hit me in the face like a time bomb,-I’D JUST BEEN PLAYED. DUDE HAD A GIRLFRIEND ALL THIS WHILE AND THE JOKE WAS ON ME.

Have you gotten over the heartbreak?
Yes, I have

How did you get over it?
Getting over it wasn’t easy. I forgave myself, it took me long to forgive him but I did eventually and I also cut communications at some point. I got busyy with my life. I accepted he was not mine anymore and that he was never coming back. I let myself heal and got past it on my own terms.

What was the experience like?
It was a sweet bitter experince. I learnt valuable lessons.

How did you react afterwards?
I was mad at him. I realized how much of a fool I was and I felt really really bad. I realized I had been played and that made me feel even worse. We fought afterwards and stopped talking to each other. Now left broken,i wandered around all the memories made,all the lies he told just to use me.I felt like trash.

lessons learnt?
1. Define your relationship.
2. Listen to your guts.
3. Never ignore the red signs.
4. Time is a revealer, give it time.
5.. Do not shut the pain, let it seep through.
6. Choose forgiveness over hatred

“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” ~ Marilyn Monroe

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE YOUR HEART BREAK STORY, SEND ME A MAIL (temitopeadeniyi2015@gmail.com) We have listening ears and we’d love to learn from you.

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