Why Did He Buy Me A Diet Coke?

“What drink do you want”
“Coke,thanks”, I replied with a big smile.

Few minutes later, he came back to the table with meatpie, a bottle of coke and fanta. My attention was quickly drawn to the inscription on the coke, it read Diet coke, zero sugar.

“Why did you buy me a diet coke?”, I asked looking at him
“Was there no normal coke?”
“There was” he said
“so why buy me a diet coke?”, I asked
“Is it not obvious?”, he replied
For a second, I wasn’t sure it actually happened. An insult is one thing, but that kind of compliment is like getting hit right in the face with a ball. You feel the impact, but then you go numb.

In my mind I was like, you gotta be kidding me, the only thing that is obvious right now is that I am 5ft6, with a DD breast that loooked amazing in my blouse which complemented my low cut hair and a face fully made, I knew what I looked like…I looked fucking fabulous…

For a second, I tried to replay all our previous conversations,”Themie, you and your mouth…you must have complained to him about your weight or tummy”
“Did I complain about my weight” No
“Did I talk about my tummy” No No No
“Or did I ever tell him I was trying to lose weight”…Hell nooooo
I asked myself all these questions and answered them immediately.

I took a deep breath and smiled. Then,I asked, “What was obvious?”
Then he answered saying,” Actually, I love your stature and everything you stand for. I only chose the diet coke for you in order to help maintain your stature. I feel the diet coke will be helpful in one way or the other. I’m also about to suggest volleyball to you and I hope you will love it. Life is a diet of every spice of human endeavour. Sweat it out!”….

Chai….my life
They have use style to tell me that, I need to lose weight…
What was he expecting me to say? Maybe say with a broad smile,”ohhhh…sweetheart, you are such a lovely thing. I also do not really like how bloated I am and trust me baby, I was gonna start dieting, thanks for supporting me on this journey”…????

Now my lovely readers, What do you think?
Why did he buy me diet coke?
What could have been my reaction?

Chime in below
Yours truly

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  1. Well perhaps he never intended implying you need to lose wait by buying the coke. Trying to answer your question justifiably could the reason he made the comments and even so, they could be innocent to him as such perspective you reason it from is not as he intended.

    Buying the diet coke could be mere and not to pass a subtle message, that’s what I think.

  2. He bought you the coke to help you diet… He obviously didn’t want to spit it out to your face that you need to go down low.
    But wtf, you ain’t big

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