You look Beautiful!

Few days ago, I met this really cute guy..confam, I had actually seen him before he saw me or so I thought and I did 2×2 in my mind, “This guy is so cute gosh”…so you can imagine the excitement when he approached me..

“You look beautiful”

Me: *Smiles* Thanks

“You look really beautiful” he said with a look of triumph…
arrrrghhh….oh nooo…not again
In my mind I was like,”we af hear oo..thanks”

I am not understanding, when guys tell me I look beautiful they usually think that it will be the highlight of my life.

I’ve had guys tell me I’m beautiful and then ask if anyone has ever said that to me before(rolls eyes)…
I’ve had guys tell me I’m beautiful and sit back with a pleased look like they’ve just cured Ebola(Ohhhh please!)
I’ve had guys tell me I’m beauitful and expect me to go all the, “awwwnnnnn, you so sweet..thanks”…Duhhhh!
Ehn ehn ooo, don’t get me wrong..I absolutely have no problem with a guy telling me I look beautiful, but reacting like I have just been done a favour and I should be doing the ‘Korede Bello dance’ is what I have a problem with.

“I’ve never been attracted to a lady like you before” he said with his eyes firmly planted on my chest….
(Such a pervert)

Ohhhhhh, I see…I know his type, he thought since I was fat, I was easy and I’d definitely be compliment starved and I would not say No because guys like him didn’t like girls like me…double duhhh!

I was actually really pissed…ehn we know you are fine(agreed) but not been able to get his eyes off my chest and making it seem so obvious got me really irritated…I did not know when I blurted out, “Mr, you are not my type”…
And I walked past him with that, ‘commot for my face make I see road to pass look’.

Have you ever had a situation like this before? How did you handle it?
To the guys(Na ur person)…what do you think?

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  1. Hmmmmmmmmm… I can imagine. Guys are naturally attracted to boobs cos that’s what a guy sees first…
    That’s when it is obvious. So, it’s no big deal.
    But a times, it makes the lady uncomfortable.

    1. Lolzzzz…Fest fest..Thanks for stopping by. Ahn ahn…you guys should be able to look small and gboju or at least use style and not make it so glaring….

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